Here are three useful tips for selling a tenant-occupied property.

Many of our clients own investment properties, whether they’re single-family, duplexes, or multifamily properties, which we can help you with because every sales agent on our team is an experienced landlord. We own rental properties and can share our experience with you. If you’re considering selling a tenant-occupied property, here are three things I recommend you do:

1. Share your objective with your tenant. If you’re selling because you don’t want to be a landlord anymore or don’t have time, explain that to them. They’ll likely care (at least somewhat) and be more understanding of the process. 

“We own rental properties and can share our experience with you.”

2. Give tenant information to your agent. Your real estate agent will take over everything from there. We’ll set up appointments, get the keys from the tenants, handle showings, and even explain the Landlord-Tenant law to them. Plenty of landlords don’t know that you have the right to show your rental property at any time, as long as you give the tenants a 12-hour or more notice. On our team, we’ve even helped landlords evict tenants, and you can call us if you’d like to discuss that further. 

3. Let your agent deal with tenant interactions. Let us be the bad guy; it’s part of our job in this case. We’ll take care of all interactions, such as transferring their security deposit to the new owner, handling any issues that come up, and much more. 

If you’re thinking about selling your tenant-occupied property, it’s a much easier process with The Roth Team. Give us a call or send an email. We’ll help you sell your investment property and answer any questions you have. We would love to help you.