Getting a home warranty is absolutely a good idea if you’re a home seller, and here’s why.

Should you use a home warranty to help sell your house?

Yes, I strongly recommend that you do. Getting a home warranty offers many advantages to a home seller.

For example, we work with a company out of Madison called Home Security of America. They provide warranties on the sale of used or existing homes just like a builder would on a new construction home. Typically, a builder would cover you for one year after closing, and the same thing applies with Home Security of America’s warranty.


Their warranty covers any major problem with the plumbing, the electrical, the heating, the air conditioning, the appliances in the house, etc. The seller also gets free coverage while the home is listed for plumbing, electrical, and the water heater. On a single-family home, the cost for full coverage is typically $564.

The most obvious benefit of getting a home warranty is that it helps sell your home. If your home has a warranty and one of the other properties your prospective buyer is looking at doesn’t, that may sway them to buy yours. Secondly, getting a home warranty provides is peace of mind—not just for the buyer, but for you too. If something goes wrong in the home, it can be fixed or replaced by the warranty company with a nominal deductible.

If you have any other questions about home warranties or you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, feel free to give us a call. We’d be glad to assist you.