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Everyone always wants to know when the best time is to buy a new home. They want the best deal at the best time. Well, I have a list of five reasons why NOW is the time to buy.

  1.    Prices are increasing. Median prices in the greater Milwaukee have gone up in some areas as much as 10 percent and they are continuing to increase.

  2.    Interest rates are still historically low. Although, rates have increased by about a point, they are still lower than we could hope for! When my wife and I bought our first house, we had an option of 18.5 percent fixed rate mortgage!

  3.    It’s easier to get a mortgage. Banks and lenders are soliciting money for buyers to purchase a home. If you have a job, good credit score and a good down payment, you can buy a home!

  4.    It’s still cheaper than renting. Renting has gone sky high. That means you would be paying the same amount to rent as to buy! And if you rent you don’t get all the tax benefits as a homeowner would!

  5.    You aren’t competing with as many investors. When foreclosures and short sales were occurring more often, a lot of investors were involved in the market. Now, you don’t have as much of that competition.

These are five reasons you shouldn’t wait to buy a home! Please call me if you have any questions or if you are thinking about buying and selling!