Selling your home this winter might be better than waiting until spring.

As we go through the winter chill of January, a common question that clients ask me is whether they should wait until spring to sell their homes. Because of that, I’d like to share with you seven compelling reasons why selling your home now in the winter might be better than waiting for spring.

1. Low interest rates. As of now, interest rates have dropped to as low as 5.875% to 6.25% for fixed-rate mortgages. These rates show an opportunity for both sellers and buyers.

2. Active winter market. Contrary to the misconception that winter is a slow season for real estate, data from January through March 2023 shows the sale of 1,826 single-family homes. That means that the market remains active, and homes are selling every day.

“Selling your home during this time attracts individuals who are ready, willing, and able buyers.”

3. Proven track record. During the same winter months, January to March, the Roth team successfully sold 45 homes, demonstrating that demand exists for this period.

4. Serious buyers. Buyers in the winter are often more serious and motivated. Selling your home during this time attracts individuals who are ready, willing, and able buyers.

5. Less competition. Based on the data on hand, there are only 1,200 single-family homes available in Milwaukee and Waukesha County. Reduced inventory means less competition, leading to a better selling price for your home.

6. Transferee buyers. You also want to consider selling because winter is the season when transferee buyers are offered jobs and are actively looking for homes.

7. Flexible closing options. If you could sell your home now, then you have the option to ask for a delayed closing or occupancy, allowing you up to 90 days after accepting an offer before having to move out.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Roth team if you are thinking about selling your house and want to take advantage of the present market conditions. We offer a free market valuation on your house and assess whether now is the best time for you to make a move. Again, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We are here to help you in the best way we can.