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I wanted to talk about what to do when a multiple offer situation occurs. Because the market is heating up, we are seeing sellers getting more than one offer for their property. It’s important for both the buyer and the seller to know what to do.

As a buyer it’s important to ask the agent if there is another offer on the table or if they expect another offer to come in, because that could make a difference in the price you offer. If there is a current offer, it’s best to make your best offer. Put your best foot forward.  You also want to ask your agent if they think it is a fair price.

As a seller, if you receive multiple offers and none of them are the price you want. You are allowed to counter both offers. There is a multiple counter offer clause in the state of Wisconsin. Once the buyers respond and both buyers accept, you can then acknowledge which one you will take.

So if you have any other questions about multiple offer situations please call at 262.797.6453!

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