Each year, over 2000 thousand of our country’s top real estate agents convene in a hot spot to gather together and compare notes on what works best for them in their quest for continued success. This year, as we move into the day 2 of the conference, I wanted to share with you just a few of the ideas I’ve learned in their series “The Art of Selling”; things that we will continue to practice and perfect moving forward with the Mike Roth Team.

Attitude is Everything

Time and again we hear of instances where someone with a lackluster attitude consistently fails to raise the bar and achieve success. Well in real estate, nothing could be truer and one of the main principles of a quality real estate agent is to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude when presenting real estate.

Aim High and Goals Get Achieved

If you set high standards and top goals – you will achieve them, says Mike Ferry. The ONLY way to get results is to have high expectations of yourself and your organization, which in turn almost always ends up in great results.

High Energy = High Success

Right up there with attitude, is high energy. When you operate on a strong level with enthusiasm, drive and ambition – it’s no wonder that you will successfully sell real estate and foster strong long-standing relationships in the process.

Focus On Clients’ Needs is Key

Clients’ needs are all encompassing and they are what ought to drive every single real estate agent’s business. By staying 100% focused on clients’ wants, needs, desires and inhibitions – nothing but utmost success can be expected.

If you would like to hear more about what we’ve learned through the MFO this year or if buying, selling or investing in real estate is something on your mind these days – we invite you to contact us today!