Five reasons why it’s best to have a real estate agent help sell your home.

Many sellers are thinking that the real estate market is hot, so why should they bother hiring an agent when they could sell their homes themselves? Here are five main reasons why it’s better to have a real estate agent sell your property: 

1. Experience. Experience makes a difference and can’t be replaced. I’ve had over 40 years of experience in all the different things that can come up during a transaction. No matter the obstacle, I’ve likely seen it before and can help you navigate through it. 

2. Exposure. Agents can provide exposure to multiple different things that you wouldn’t have on your own. We have past clients, spheres of influence, relocation buyers, other agents we know who have buyers, and more. We actively and aggressively prospect buyers every day for your home. The more buyers that want to buy your home, the better price you’ll receive. 

3. Paperwork. Mountains of paperwork are involved in a real estate transaction. It’s a highly regulated industry, so there are 10-page offers to purchase, addendums, the real estate condition report, amendments, counteroffers, the home inspection, etc. There’s a slew of paperwork involved in getting to the closing. 

“Experience makes a difference and can’t be replaced.”

4. Pricing. You want an expert helping you to price your house. There’s a fine line between asking for too much and not enough. We can find that sweet spot so you get top dollar for your home.

5. Negotiation. We can negotiate a better price than you could on your own behalf because we’re not a party in the transaction. Often, an array of emotions are being felt by both the buyer and seller, and we can ensure those don’t get in the way of your best interests.

Last year, on average, we got our sellers $18,000 more than their asking price on 40% of our transactions. So if you’re considering selling, give us a call or send an email, and we’ll explain how we can do that for you. We hope to hear from you soon.