Today, I wanted to talk about home inspections. Sellers ask me a lot about what to do when the inspector finds a defect in the home: should I fix it? Can I sell it as is?

The answer to that question lies between you and the buyer. Essentially, a home inspector has to report what they see; if what they see is a defect, they have to disclose it on the report.

Now, if it is truly a defect it has to be disclosed to not only that buyer, but any other buyer you sell your home too. So, in most instances in order to sell you will probably need to fix that defect; most buyers won’t assume that problem.

The other option besides you fixing it, is offering a credit to the buyer so they can fix it after closing. This is only an option if the buyer’s lender allows it.

What if you as a seller can’t afford to fix the defect? The Roth Team has contractors we work with; the repair would be done and we would take the money out of your closing proceeds.

Again if you have questions on inspections or anything else, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to help!

Thanks and have a great day!