If you’re selling your home, why should you hire a full-service brokerage like the Roth Team instead of a limited-service, discount broker? There are four points you need to remember.

1. Exposure and resources. At Shorewest, we have 900 agents who each get paid a 25% bonus if they sell your home versus one that just got listed on the MLS. We have the resources for relocation buyers moving in and out of town through corporations and our contacts with other national real estate companies. Discount brokers don’t have these same resources.

We also offer active marketing. There’s a difference between listing your home and passively waiting for a buyer to show up and actively finding a buyer. Speaking for myself and the Roth Team, we actively and aggressively market your home to the buying public every day.

2. Professionalism. When you’re selling your home, you want someone who will answer the phone at their office and return your calls. Many discount brokerages will leave you talking to an answering machine most of the time. Follow-through like that is the biggest reason why we sell more homes.

3. Negotiation skills. Think of it this way—if a discount agent is so quick to give up their commission for you, how quick will they be to give up your price to the buyer? On average, we net our homeowners 2% more on their sale price than limited-service brokers because they don’t have the skill and knowledge to negotiate a good price on your behalf.

“Our service nets home sellers more money than limited-service, discount brokers.”

4. Results. In 2016, 16 of our limited service brokerage competitors sold 2,500 homes combined. Our company sold over 12,000. We outsold them five-to-one.

There is a reason people use our service—it works, and it gets them more money.

If you have any more questions about how we can net you more money in your home sale than a limited-service, discount broker, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to speak with you.