Learn key strategies to make your offer irresistible.

Many buyers are frustrated by the low inventory of homes and the multiple offers that come in when a good property does become available. To make your offer stand out, here are a few key strategies:

First, the best price usually wins. In many cases, homes are selling at or above their asking price. Work with your agent to determine how much you may need to offer above the asking price based on the number of interested buyers and the specific situation.

Second, reduce the number of contingencies in your offer. Fewer contingencies make your offer more attractive to sellers. Consider waiving the home inspection or appraisal contingencies if you have enough funds to cover potential issues.

“Fewer contingencies make your offer more attractive to sellers.”

Third, ensure you’re pre-approved by a lender and can provide proof of this to the seller and the listing agent. This shows you are a serious and capable buyer.

Lastly, have your agent ask the seller or listing agent if there are any specific needs or preferences regarding the closing date, moving date, or other terms. Accommodating the seller’s needs can make your offer more appealing. For example, offering free rent for 30 days if the seller needs more time to move out.

These tips can help you get your offer accepted in a competitive market. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to call or email me anytime.